Like it or not, your name is a part of who you are. Carry a name around with you for a decade or two and it becomes you and you become it.

Names are important. Names hold power. For this reason, here at Charm Factory we make special letter initial charms just to showcase your name, so you can share who you are with the world:

  • the name of a loved one
  • your initials
  • the initials of a loved one
  • individual letters
  • or anything else you’d like to spell out

Made to Last

Each letter initial charm is .925 Sterling silver. Each letter shines, and these letters won’t scratch, or fade. These letter initial charms are made to endure, to last, to go with you wherever you go and for as long as you want. Charm Factory’s letter initial charms are durable, attractive, and meaningful.

The Perfect Gift

Our letter initial charms make the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. You can string letters together—Standard English, script or Greek styles—and make a bracelet or necklace. Our letter initial charms always make an impression and always look good.

Let a friend or loved one know you care about them. Let a boyfriend or girlfriend know never to forget you. Remind the world who you are and wear your name proudly, with a bracelet or necklace of letter initial charms that will look good with any outfit and any look.


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