Charms for Expressing Jewish Pride

Do you come from a Jewish family? Do you practice the Jewish faith?

If you do, or if you identify with Judaism, Charm Factory has a silver charm for you—a charm to help you show the world your faith, how much it means to you and who you are.

.925 Sterling Silver Charms

All of the charms made at Charm Factory are made with .925 Sterling silver, providing a hypoallergenic accessory that looks good with any outfit. Our charms are incredibly durable because of their strong material and are not prone to scratches or fading. When you order charms from Charm Factory you are receiving the highest quality silver in jewelry charms, perfect for yourself or as a gift.

Varieties of Charm

Charm Factory makes a wide variety of silver Judaism charms. All of them look beautiful. All of them would make a truly beautiful addition to any wrist, neck, or zipper pull.

Here at Charm Factory, our silver Judaism charms include:

  • Chai charms
  • Hamsa/Hamesh hand charms
  • Large Star of David charms
  • Menora charms
  • Star of David charms
  • Star of David message beads
  • And many more

We almost certainly have a silver Judaism charm that’s right for you. Order the silver Judaism charms you want from Charm Factory, add a silver bracelet and a bracelet assembly charge to your order and you can receive a completed bracelet in almost no time, sent right to your door. Express yourself. Express your faith and your identity.

Express yourself!
Order online with Charm Factory to create your own charm bracelet.


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A Bracelet Assembly Fee

$10.00 for the entire bracelet
(Fee is non-refundable)

A Charm Bracelet for Charms-4.3mm Cable Chain

Charm Bracelet Special
One size fits most

From $16.00

Chai Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF18131
From $5.60

Hamsa/Hamesh Hand Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF5239
From $6.10

Large Star of David Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF1813
From $10.85

Menora Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF2013
From $4.65

Star of David Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF1816
From $4.30

Star of David Oval Message Charm

Sterling Silver
From $5.25