Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument Charms for Serious Musicians

Music is life. If you love music, if you create music, if you devote all your available time to practicing and becoming better at your musical art, then Charm Factory has the charms for you. We carry a large line of musical instrument charms made with Sterling silver that are beautiful enough to wear anywhere and share with everyone.

So Many Charms

We have a music instrument charm for every one of the following and more:

  • Clarinet
  • Drums
  • Electric guitar
  • Flute
  • French horn
  • Grand piano
  • Harp

If you don’t see the musical instrument you would like to represent with your charm, contact us and we will find the perfect charm to reflect your needs.

Sterling Silver

Every one of our musical instrument charms is made of .925 Sterling silver. Every charm is affordable and collectible, and every charm is an eye-catching, appealing way to announce to the world what you love. They look great on bracelets, great on necklaces, and great on key rings and zippers.

Whatever you do with your musical instrument charm from Charm Factory, it will let people know that you are a musician whose art goes art with you wherever you go.

Charm your Friends

Charm Factory carries a large inventory of charms to meet your passion for music and musical instruments. All of our charms can be delivered pre-assembled on a bracelet or silver bracelet of your choice. They are also built to attach easily to a pendant, necklace, zipper or even a keychain. When you wear a musical instrument charm from Charm Factory you are letting the world know you are talented. Order today!

Express yourself! Get creative by making a unique charm bracelet at Charm Factory!


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