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Custom Pewter Tags and Charms


Pewter Tags and Charms

If you are looking for a small custom charm or tag, something with more weight than engraved jewelry tags, new technologies now allow us to offer you custom cast small lead free pewter charms at great prices! We’ve eliminated the high set-up/mold fees usually necessary for casting in pewter, so you can see your logo or name on a charm in under two weeks when using the shapes offered below.

The minimum order is 500 pieces at a cost to you of only $0.75 each, or a total of $375.00.

Choose one of nine different shapes offered.

When you order, you will receive a digital proof of the charm via email, with your information on the shape that you chose.

On approval, we will cast your tags for shipment in about two weeks. It’s that easy! (Plus, free shipping is offered in the US.)

Check out the details below and order your custom tags today! Everything is produced here in the USA in our factory. We are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“I could not be happier with the product and the service that the Charm Factory provided my company. Your customer service is fantastic!” – Marrin C


1. Choose Your Font

• To create your tag using one of the fonts that we offer, click through below to see the three font styles and what your name will look like.

• Click here to view Custom Pewter Tag Fonts

2. Images and Logos

• The other option is to email an image that we will use to create your tag. This can be your actual signature, a logo, or another shape or design. We will match your email up with the order.

• A vector based file created in Adobe Illustrator, Freehand or Corel Draw 9, or a pdf, is ideal. Raster/bitmap file types like tif, jpg, gif or psd will also work. A Word document is not acceptable.

• We will let you know if your image it too complex for such a small space or if it requires adjustment.

3. Tag Selection and Pricing

• We offer nine different tag shapes.

• Your tags will be one sided. If you wish to use both sides of the tag, there will be an additional $30.00 charge. Please add this to your cart.

• We will email a digital proof of the tag before production begins (not a physical sample).

• Your tags will ship in approximately two weeks.

• For a custom charm or tag (not a shape that we offer above) please email customer service for pricing.

5. Samples

• When you order, we will email a digital version of the tag for approval (not a physical sample).

• Before ordering your own custom tags, you can order a package of a variety of pewter tags as shown in the image above. Choose either nine tags with a matte finish, or nine tags with a shiny finish. These sample packages are $5.00 each. The cost of the samples will be credited back to you when you place your order of 500 or more tags.

• It is your responsibility to obtain permissions for any copyrighted aspects of your custom tags. You agree that you are responsible for any copyright infringements and any fines or penalties that may result. Use of designs that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others is prohibited.

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