Popular Series Inspired Silver Tone Charms

Jewelry is a way to demonstrate your fashion sense and that you stay current with the trends. A wide selection of jewelry inspired by the most popular TV and movie series can be found at Charm Factory. Check out the selection of pieces and order online at your convenience.

Charms Made from the Highest Quality Materials

At Charm Factory, we only use the highest quality materials on your charms. The pewter we use in our popular series charms was made right here in the United States. And every product we offer is lead-, cadmium- and nickel-free.

Types of Popular Series Charms

At Charm Factory, you can have your favorite popular series represented on your charm bracelet. We offer a selection of:

  • Twilight-Inspired Charms
  • “Breaking Bad”-Inspired Charms
  • Hunger Games-Inspired Charms
  • Fifty Shades of Grey-Inspired Charms
  • “Walking Dead”-Inspired Charms

Whether you want a charm to represent your undying love for the “Walking Dead” or an element-themed charm to symbolize your chemistry with “Breaking Bad”, Charm Factory has the perfect option for you!

Hand-Picked and Shipped

When you place your order of your new “Twilight” or “Breaking Bad” inspired charm, the system receives your order instantly. We will then hand-pick your item out of our inventory of over 5,000 charms, package it carefully and ship it to you, sometimes on the same day you ordered it. Plus, you have multiple shipping options including UPS and USPS. You’ll be wearing your beautiful Hunger Games or Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired charm in no time at all!

Express yourself!
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