Popular Culture

Popular Culture Charms

Sometimes, a movie, book or television show makes such a big impact on us that it influences our lives. Commemorate your inspiration on your charm bracelet or necklace with a popular culture charm from Charm Factory!

Durable Sterling Silver Charms

Your popular culture charms are made from high-quality, durable .925 sterling silver that is free from cadmium, lead and nickel. Plus, all sterling silver charms and the materials used to create them are made right here in the United States.

Types of Popular Culture Charms

At Charm Factory, we carry a variety of popular culture charms that fit perfectly into an existing collection and make great gifts. We offer popular charms that fit all tastes and interests, including:

  • “Breaking Bad” inspired charms
  • Twilight inspired charms
  • Hunger Games inspired charms
  • Fifty Shades of Grey inspired charms
  • “Walking Dead” inspired charms

Each sterling silver charm comes complete with a jump ring that attaches easily to a charm bracelet or necklace. If you don’t have a charm bracelet or necklace, browse through the selection in the online store!

Browse Through the Collection Online

Browse through the collection of over 5,000 sterling silver charms in the online store at Charm Factory. Ordering is simple! Just browse, select and checkout—it’s really that easy. We can even ship the same day if your order is placed before 7:30 am MST. Standard shipping is FREE is you place an order of $25 or more for orders shipping within the USA. Browse and order your popular culture charms from Charm Factory or contact us with questions today!

Express yourself with creative charm bracelets from Charm Factory! Customize your bracelet and order your charms today.


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