Popular Series-Inspired Charm Bracelets & Necklaces

Looking for stylish jewelry that represents your favorite book, TV or movie series? Charm Factory has more than 5,000 charms to choose from, including Twilight-inspired charm jewelry!

Twilight-Inspired Charm Jewelry

Charm Factory is proud to provide a wide variety of charm jewelry inspired by the Twilight series. From the apple on the cover of the book that started it all to Team Jacob charms, you’re sure to find Twilight-inspired charm jewelry to personalize your bracelet.

Hunger Games-Inspired Jewelry

Fans of this young adult novel feel a deep connection with the characters. What better way to show your appreciation than with jewelry inspired by Hunger Games made by Charm Factory? Try Katniss’ arrow, or add a book charm to your charm bracelet. You’ll love our selection of Hunger Games-inspired jewelry.

Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired Charms

The perfect way to please the book lover in your life? Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired charms by Charm Factory! From Eiffel towers to billiard racks, we have plenty of Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired charms that can be added to your charm bracelet.

“Breaking Bad”-Inspired Charms

This series captivated audiences across the country, and now you can show your love for the series with charms inspired by “Breaking Bad”! You’ll love Walter White’s blue crystal beaker and his wooden tombstone. We have a variety of “Breaking Bad”-inspired charms—add them to an existing bracelet or build a new bracelet!

“Walking Dead”-Inspired Jewelry

Are you obsessed with this TV series? Then you’ll appreciate our “Walking Dead”-inspired jewelry in the styles of skulls, saws and six shooters. Check out our entire selection of “Walking Dead”-inspired jewelry—and don’t forget to “pray for the dead”!

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