Popular Series Inspired Charm Bracelets & Necklaces

Charm Factory designs and creates more than 5,000 charms! Many are inspired by your favorite popular series, like Twilight, Hunger Games and “Breaking Bad.”

Twilight-Inspired Charm Jewelry

If you fell in love with this romance, you can show your love with Twilight-inspired charm jewelry made by Charm Factory. You can add Twilight-inspired charm jewelry to an existing bracelet, or choose a variety of charms to create a new, Twilight-inspired charm bracelet!

Hunger Games-Inspired Jewelry

Add Katniss’ arrow or a number charm to your favorite charm bracelet to show your appreciation for this book-turned-movie series. We have plenty of Hunger Games-inspired jewelry to add to your bracelet or necklace.

Fifty Shades of Grey Inspired Charms

Are you a fan of the romance between Ana and Christian? Then you’ll love our Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired charms! Charm Factory designs and creates a variety of Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired charms that you can add to your charm collection.

“Breaking Bad”-Inspired Charms

Charm Factory is proud to provide “Breaking Bad”-inspired charm jewelry for fans of this captivating series. You’ll love our element charms or our Heisenberg pendant in the shape of New Mexico. See all of our “Breaking Bad”-inspired charm jewelry—it’s .925 sterling silver and 99.1% beautiful!

“Walking Dead”-Inspired Jewelry

“Walking Dead”-inspired jewelry makes the perfect gift for lovers of this original TV series. You can show your appreciation with sterling silver “Walking Dead”-inspired jewelry in the shapes of hand saws, cowboy hats, biohazard symbols and many more.

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