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Share your passion for television’s most compelling series with Charm Factory! Our online jewelry store can help you build bracelets and necklaces with distinct, one-of-a-kind inspired charms inspired by hit television shows like “Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad”.

Your Favorite Characters and More!

Every story has distinct pieces – characters, themes, and images. With Charm Factory, you can remember your favorite moments from “Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad” with custom built inspired jewelry. Here’s how it works:

  • Browse our selection of “Breaking Bad” and “Walking Dead” inspired charms.
  • Choose your favorite charms.
  • Build Your Bracelet or necklace on our build-a-bracelet page. Attach charms on the bracelet the way you want them to appear.
  • Choose Your Shipping Speed. Orders are processed immediately and can be shipped same-day if they are received before 7:30AM MST.
  • Submit Your Order! We will assemble your bracelet and ship it as soon as possible!

All “Breaking Bad” and “Walking Dead”-inspired charms are available in 0.925 sterling silver as well as silver tone. You can add as many charms as you’d like to complete your look!

“Breaking Bad”-Inspired Charms

Break bad with Walter White all over again with “Breaking Bad”-inspired charms from Charm Factory! Relive the award-winning series’ with charms that include:

  • Walter White’s Tombstone
  • The RV
  • Beaker with Blue Crystals
  • Br and Ba Elements (from the opening credits)

Want to add your “Breaking Bad” charms to an existing charm bracelet? Not a problem! Charm Factory charms come with a free jump ring, making it easy for you to attach your charms right away.

“Walking Dead”-Inspired Charms

Who can deny the excitement of a post-apocalyptic world with zombies? Our “Walking Dead”-inspired charms reference your favorite characters and scenes from this popular show, including Rick’s sheriff hat!

Make your favorite show a stunning memory! Order online to start building your one-of-a-kind charm bracelet inspired by “Walking Dead” or “Breaking Bad” today!

Relive the best moments from your favorite shows with Charm Factory!
Order “Breaking Bad” and “Walking Dead” charms before 7:30AM MST and get same day shipping!

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