TV Series Inspired Pendants

Represent your interests and personality with a TV series-inspired pendant from Charm Factory. We have been helping customers create beautiful, unique bracelets, keychains and necklace pendants  since 2001.

Types of TV Inspired Pendants

Sometimes, TV shows have the ability to inspire us. And these TV shows inspired us to create beautiful, high-quality jewelry. At Charm Factory, we offer TV show-inspired keychains, such as:

  • “Breaking Bad”-Inspired Keychain or Pendant
  • “Walking Dead”-Inspired Keychain or Pendant

Charm Factory offers a wide selection of charms that you can add to your keychain or necklace. You can take a look at the different options you have online from the convenience of your home or office.

High Quality Materials

Your new keychain  inspired by “Breaking Bad” or “Walking Dead” will be created from the highest quality sterling silver or silver tone materials made right here in the United States. Different sizing options are also available. Plus, there is no nickel, lead or cadmium in any of the products we offer.

Quick Delivery

Your “Breaking Bad” or “Walking Dead” inspired keychain order will be processed by our system as soon as it is placed. We will then carefully hand select, package and ship your beautiful new piece. It is even possible to have your item shipped the same day that you ordered it! And with a variety of shipping speeds between UPS and USPS, you’ll be wearing your inspiring new keychain or pendant in no time!

Express yourself!
Order online with Charm Factory to create your own charm bracelet.

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