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Sterling Silver Blacksmith Charm

Sterling Silver OUT OF STOCK
Special Orders Only of 15 or more pieces manufactured just for you

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Product Description - Sterling Silver Blacksmith Charm

The Sterling Silver Blacksmith Charm is Special Manufactured for you. We do not keep this item in stock. It takes about 2 weeks for us to manufacture the item. Minimum purchase is 10.

The Sterling Silver Blacksmith Charm is a 3-D Charm and is made form .925 sterling silver. The Sterling Silver Blacksmith Charm comes with a sterling silver jump ring for easy attachment. The Sterling Silver Blacksmith Charm would make a wonderful Christmas, birthday, or office gift for one of your co workers. The Sterling Silver Blacksmith Charm can also represent the Greek God Hephaestus. Hephaestus is a Greek god that forged many weapons for other gods.

Made in the USA
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Width: 2/5″ or 10 mm
Height: 1″ or 24 mm
Gram Weight: 1.5
Includes a jump ring to attach the charm to your bracelet (not pictured)

Special Orders Only of 10 or more pieces manufactured just for you