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Sterling Silver Dreamcatcher Charm

Sterling Silver, Turquoise


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Product Description - Sterling Silver Dreamcatcher Charm

Our fascinating Sterling Silver Dreamcatcher Charm, a favorite for Twilight fans, combines brilliant .925 sterling silver and beautiful turquoise to make this traditional Native American symbol, which is said to protect against bad dreams. The Dream catcher was made by the Ojibwa tribe. The legend of the dream catcher goes that the Ojibwa believed that the night is full of both bad and good dreams. There was an old Lakota spiritual leader who climb a mountain and he met Iktomi, the teacher of wisdom and a trickster. Iktomi appeared in the form of a spider. The spider spun a web on a willow hoop. In some story’s the web catches the bad dreams and allow the good ones to flow through. In other cases the web catches the good dream for the sleeper and let the bad ones fall through. The turquoise bead in the middle symbolizes the spider that created the dream catcher. The Sterling Silver Dreamcatcher Charm would a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to dream or likes to collect Native American items. The Sterling Silver Dreamcatcher Charm can be attached to a sterling silver bracelet or necklace for the wearer to hold close to them.

Made in the USA
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Width: 5/9″ or 14mm
Height: 2/3″ or 17mm
Includes a jump ring to attach the charm to your bracelet (not pictured)