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Sterling Silver Sixty Charm

Minimum is 10 pieces manufactured just for you

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Product Description - Sterling Silver Sixty Charm

Celebrating a Sixtieth birthday, Sixty year anniversary or a lucky connection to the number Sixty? Celebrate with our Sterling Silver Sixty Charm and create a custom charm bracelet. Are you or someone you know and love turning Sixty this year? Gift them with one of our Sterling Silver Sixty Charms as a gift for them to remember for a long time coming! Celebrate by giving them a Sterling Silver 60 Charm or creating a custom charm bracelet with charms that will tell a story or showcase the memories that you have shared. Celebrating a Sixtieth wedding anniversary? Give the gift of our Sterling Silver Sixty Charm or create a custom charm bracelet using our Build-A-Bracelet. Easily create a custom charm bracelet for your loved one, or parent today. Share with them some of your favorite memories, accomplishments, and achievements by adding charms to their charm bracelet. With over 4,000 charms we offer a variety of charms that you can use to create a beautiful and meaningful bracelet. Share your love of the number Sixty which can be your lucky number, favorite age, jersey number or a number that is significant to you by adding this charm to your charm bracelet.

Made in the USA
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Width: 1/4″ or 6mm
Height: 5/8″ or 16mm
Gram Weight: 1
Includes a jump ring to attach the charm to your bracelet (not pictured)

Minimum is 10 pieces manufactured just for you