Build Your Own Charm Bracelet


Step 1: Choose a bracelet chain from our available chains.

Step 2: Choose the charms you want on your bracelet.

Step 3: Arrange the charms any way you want, or let the software distribute your charms evenly across the bracelet. You can drag and drop charms onto the links you want or you can use the provided arrangement controls for this step.

Step 4: Review your order and add your new bracelet to your shopping cart! Once you've added your bracelet to the cart, you cannot edit the design. If you want to make a change, you will have to delete the items from your cart and restart.

Step 1Choose a Bracelet
Step 2Choose Charms
Step 3Arrange Charms
Step 4Add to Cart
  • 5.4mm Cable Chain Bracelet with Clasp

    SKU: CFCB508-CL $18.00
  • 6.8mm Parallel Double Curb Chain with Clasp

    SKU: CFCB505-CL $20.00
  • A Charm Bracelet for Charms

    A Charm Bracelet for Charms-4.3mm Cable Chain

    SKU: CFCB521-CL $18.00
  • A Pewter Charm Bracelet

    SKU: CFCB508-BCL $5.99
  • A Pewter Charm Bracelet

    SKU: CFCB735-BCL $5.99
  • Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with Clasp

    Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with Clasp

    SKU: CFCB $21.00

Embrace your inner designer and create a custom bracelet from Charm Factory! Whether you’re designing for a friend or for yourself, there are many options to keep in mind throughout your charm bracelet design.

What Type of Bracelet Are You Designing?

Before you start your bracelet, it is important to decide if you will be using pewter or sterling silver. Both materials have their benefits and can even be mixed, if you like!

What Size Bracelet Are You Working With?

You can get the right size bracelet by measuring your own wrist or if you are unsure, choose a lobster clasp bracelet that can be sized easily. Our standard bracelet is between 7-8 inches in length.

How Many Charms Would You Like?

While some people prefer a few charms, other like to load up every available link with a unique and special charm. We recommend 4-6 charms just to get your bracelet going, but it’s up to you how many you’d like to attach!

Would You Like Us to Assemble Your Bracelet?

Avoid the hassle of putting together your charm bracelet with pliers and let Charm Factory put it together with professional care!

When Would You Like to Wear Your Bracelet?

While bracelet assembly takes 2-3 days, our online jewelry store offers a full range of expedited shipping options so you can enjoy your charm bracelet sooner. All orders under $25 enjoy free standard shipping with USPS.

Explore the possibilities and enjoy your custom bracelet building experience from Charm Factory! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about your charm bracelet.

Personalize a timeless accessory for friends and family!
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