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Shipping & Returns

Shipping, Returns, and Inventory Policies



Stock levels are being installed on our website to reflect live inventory counts. Backordering of out of stock items is not available. Out of stock items take 2 weeks to be manufactured and returned to live inventory, available to order.

If you need to place a large backorder of 25 units or more of an item, please contact us at


  • USPS First Class Shipping is offered for orders totaling more than $50.00.
  • UPS Ground Shipping is offered for orders totaling more than $600.00.


UPS Business Accounts

If you are ordering for a business, and would like us to use your UPS account number to charge for shipping, please select the USPS flat rate option at checkout.

Send an e-mail to including your e-mail used to place the order and your UPS account number. We will manually adjust your shipping preferences for you.

International Orders

International orders do not qualify for free shipping. However, several international shipping options at varied price points and delivery speeds are made available for you.

These options and their associated costs are calculated independently by our shipping providers and are shown at checkout when your address is entered. All customs and brokerage fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Late Orders and Orders Lost in Shipping

All shipping options provided by USPS are not automatically insured. Independent shipping insurance is offered to you at checkout, with $1.50 charged for every $100.00 off the order total. If shipping insurance is selected, your order is protected and Charm Factory will replace your order at no cost to you.

Charm Factory is not responsible for lost, late, miss-delivered or stolen packages that do not choose to purchase shipping insurance.

If you need an automatically insured shipping method, you must select UPS shipping options.

Estimated Delivery Timeframes

At checkout, estimated delivery timeframes for USPS shipping methods are provided to you. These are purely estimations and not delivery guarantees. Charm Factory is not liable for orders that arrive later than these timeframes if shipped within 36 hours of your order being processed. This delay is the responsibility of your chosen shipping option.

UPS does have delivery guarantees for their 2-day, 3-day, and next day delivery options. UPS Ground will be delivered to the United States areas from our headquarters as shown below:

UPS Ground Service Time Map from New Mexico


When will my order ship?

Charm Factory aims to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Orders that begin processing generally ship within 36 hours of when the order began processing. This is an estimate, and not a guarantee.

Accepted for processing is defined as the time when your order is received by our team and is physically being fulfilled. This is not equivalent to the time that you placed your order.

Orders are fulfilled and shipped Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM MST They are processed in the order they have been received by 9:00AM, starting from orders placed after this time from the previous business day.

If you notice you have not gotten receipt of your order shipping within the 36 hour timeframe, please check your e-mail and phone messages. We may be trying to reach you regarding a problem with your order. Our e-mail address,, occasionally gets filtered to the junk folder of some of our customers.

Announcements of Closures

Internal Maintenance and Holiday Closures will affect your order processing times.

Please note the top-of-site banner announcements on our website pages when posted. These announcements inform when we are closed, indicating we are not processing orders between those dates. Assume that all messages and orders received are not being responded to or fulfilled until the associated resume date on the banner is reached. On that resume date, all messages and orders are cared for in the order they have been received.

These banners are posted as an indication that your order will not be immediately processed if placed during this time.

We are not responsible for orders received later than estimated arrival dates due to ordering during our closure periods, as we make announcements of these closures to let our customers decide whether or not to place their order at that time.


No Returns or Exchanges are accepted for shipping costs, custom engraved items, or items indicated as a special order.

Charm Factory strives to meet a high quality standard with the items we make and sell to you. Our charms and findings are handcrafted by our small team in New Mexico. We carefully select and inspect your items to ship to you, and search for defects by hand while fulfilling your order.

If you do receive a defective item, we will always offer you a return or exchange, assuming that the item does not meet our quality standards.

Approval of an item being categorized as defective is at the discretion of Charm Factory.


Returns of merchandise in new condition are accepted within 30 days of your purchase. If you need to return your purchase, send an e-mail to or leave a message at 866-867-5266 to start the return process.

Attempts to return merchandise that is not in new condition without disclosure will not be accepted, and will void your ability to return merchandise to us in the future.

If you are interested in returning merchandise outside of the 30 day window, send us an e-mail with your specific inquiry. Disclosure of the age of returned merchandise is required, and acceptance of an out-of-window return is at our discretion.

Returns on Alphabet Beads

All series of alphabet beads on our website are handcrafted. The sides are ground down, and the stringing holes are drilled out individually for each bead, by hand.

As these items are handcrafted and not machined, our standard of quality for our beads includes small discrepancies in uniformity of the stringing holes, and the edge shaping of each bead.

We work hard to identify beads with scratches, missing chunks, or undrilled holes, and remove them from our inventory before they make it to you.

Continuous returns  of alphabet beads that do not include the defects listed above will not be accepted.