Is band your life? Do you eat, sleep and breathe it? Are you always trying to improve your playing and always thinking about what you need to learn next? Do you love music?

If you love band, then why not show it to the world?

Show it to the world with a Sterling silver charm or two from Charm Factory.

Our band silver charms are an excellent way to celebrate and share what you do with everyone.

Band Silver Charms for Any Individual

When you’re ordering a meal, right there, on your wrist, on a silver heart:  “BAND ?.”

When you’re driving around with friends, right there, on your wrist, in Sterling silver: “?MARCHING BAND ?.”

Or, if you want to acknowledge your mom for always driving you to rehearsals and performances, give her a Sterling silver “BAND MOM,” on an elegant, but fun, bracelet from Charm Factory.

There are other musical options available as well. Give them all a look and choose one that’s right for you.

Every one of Charm Factory’s band silver charms is durable. These are beautiful charms intended to last—charms intended to help make their wearers look their best.

Express Yourself

These silver band charms look great. Wear them as an expression of who you are and what you do. Wear them in a combination of your own making, on a bracelet you created yourself. Wear them and look and feel proud of who you are and what you do.

Personalize a timeless accessory—customize your bracelet online at!


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