One-of-a-Kind Heart Charms

Heart-shaped charms are a beautiful addition to any charm bracelet or necklace. They also make a precious and inspiring gift for a loved one. Browse through our extensive variety of perfectly crafted heart charms at Charm Factory to find the perfect one for your collection!

Types of Heart Charms at Charm Factory

At Charm Factory, we know that your charm bracelet or necklace is an expression of your personality. You’re sure to find the perfect heart charm that reflects your interests from the wide selection we offer, which includes:

  • Heart charms with numbers
  • Hearts with beads
  • Hearts with Swarovski crystals
  • Hearts with messages
  • Heart tags

Every heart charm at Charm Factory is made from durable, high-quality .925 sterling silver that is free from cadmium, lead and nickel. You’ll be enjoying the beauty of your heart charm on your necklace or bracelet for years to come!

Order Your Heart Charm Today

Browse through our wide selection of heart charms and order the perfect addition to your collection today. We have a selection of over 5,000 charms, and ordering is simple. Just browse, select and place your order. We’ll ship you your new heart charm quickly, and you’ll be wearing it proudly in no time!

Contact us today for questions about any of the heart charms we carry.

Express yourself with creative charm bracelets from Charm Factory! Customize your bracelet and order your charms today.


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