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Gorgeous Silver Heart Charms

Hearts are a cultural symbol of love and affection. Represent your love for something near and dear to your heart with a durable sterling silver heart charm from Charm Factory.

Durable Sterling Silver

Each heart charm is made from durable .925 sterling silver that is free from lead, cadmium and nickel. The sterling silver heart charm you choose will last for years to come!

Silver Heart Charms from Charm Factory

At Charm Factory you can choose from a variety of beautiful sterling silver heart charms, including:

  • Hearts with a Tulip in the center
  • Hearts attached to a key
  • Hearts with Swarovski crystal
  • Hearts with a keyhole and key

Each unique sterling silver heart charm comes with a jump ring that allows the charm to be attached to a bracelet or necklace. Add the charm to your collection–or give one to a loved one as a gift! If your loved one doesn’t have a necklace or bracelet to attach the charm, browse through the selections at Charm Factory. We can even pre-assemble your gift before it ships for a small assembly fee.

Engravable Sterling Silver Heart Charms

Add a personal touch to your sterling silver charm. A selection of the beautiful heart charms at Charm Factory can be engraved with a personalized message of your choosing. Depending on the charm, you can have a variety of words, initials, names or dates engraved.

Browse Through the Online Store Today

At Charm Factory, we have over 5,000 sterling silver charms in-stock and available to browse through the online store. All you have to do is select your charms and checkout and your charms will be on their way to you. Order over $25 and your shipping in the USA is FREE! Contact us today if you have questions about your order or about the charms we offer.

Express yourself with creative charm bracelets from Charm Factory! Customize your bracelet and order your charms today.


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Peace Love Music Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF4800
From $4.95

Pink Heart Charm

Pavé, Sterling Silver$13.25 each

Puffed Beaded Heart Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF23316
From $12.15

Puffed Heart with Pink Crystal

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF23317PK
From $11.75

Puffed Heart with Red Crystal

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF23317RD
From $10.50

Puffed Plain Heart Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF23317
From $9.15

Red Heart Charm

Pavé, Sterling Silver$13.25

Red Heart Key Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF5800-R
From $9.00

Sign Language I Love You Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF7000
From $6.90

Silver Heart Bracelet

Sterling Silver Finished Bracelet
One size fits most$32.99 each

Small Beaded Heart Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF23313
From $5.60

Small Heart within a Heart Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF4864
From $2.45