A Day that Changed the World Forever

The world changed irrevocably with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

That September 11th was, without question, a day on which everything changed—how we fly, how we cross borders, how safe we feel, what we fear and how we think. No city and no state were unaffected.

That day changed the United States of America’s place in the world and it’s one that none of us can ever forget.  Charm Factory commemorates this day with special charms so you can hold the memory of our nation’s fallen heroes and compatriots close to your heart at all times.

A Variety of 9-11 Charms

Here at Charm Factory, we make a number of September 11th charms to commemorate that fateful day in our nation’s history, such as:

  • The twin towers of the World Trade Center, still standing, in .925 Sterling silver
  • A simple “Remember” ribbon, plain and unadorned—elegant
  • The WTC towers with the word “REMEMBER”
  • An elegant charm simply stating “9-11-01”

When you order a beautifully-crafted silver September 11th, 2001 charm from Charm Factory, you are commemorating a time that our country united together and stood strong in a time of adversity.

Charms on Bracelet

When you order from Charm Factory, your charms to commemorate September 11th, 2001 (and more) can arrive pre-assembled on a bracelet, or you can purchase a separate Sterling silver bracelet or chain and build your own.

Charm Factory has the September 11th charms you want.

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