Religious Phrases

Because of popular demand, Charm Factory makes an almost overwhelming amount of wonderful religious phrase charms—all of them beautiful .925 Sterling silver, and all of them durable, classy and fun.

These charms all look great on a bracelet, necklace, or zipper pull—and all of them allow you to share your personal religious beliefs with whoever may be around you.

Say What You Believe

Just look at how many religious phrases you can get on a charm from Charm Factory such as:

  • “Ask Believe Receive”
  • “Be still and know that I am God”
  • “Born Again!”
  • “CHRIST”
  • “Christian Chick”
  • “Christian Soldier”
  • “Disciple of Christ”
  • “Faith”
  • “Faith in God”
  • “Family Values”
  • “First Communion”
  • “Gal 5:22”
  • “God’s Girl”
  • “Got Jesus?”
  • “Holy”
  • “I <3 God”
  • “I <3 Jesus”
  • And many more!

If a religious phrase isn’t exactly what you are looking for, check out our wide variety of silver cross charms and other religious symbol charms to meet your needs. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we will make it happen.

Bracelets Full of Fun

You could easily put together an entire bracelet crowded with religious phrase charms to create the perfect accessory for any event.

Take your beliefs with you wherever you go, with a classy bracelet full of religious phrase charms from Charm Factory.

Design your unique charm bracelet today!
Browse our selection of religious charms at Charm Factory.


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Namaste Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF5333
From $4.30

Peace with Doves Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF2022
From $5.25

Pray Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF4776
From $4.00

Protect Me Lord Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF4941
From $6.10

The Lord bless you and keep you

Numbers 6:24
Sterling Silver
SKU: CF5259
From $15.05

The Lord Is My Light Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF4755
From $6.10

The Lord Is My Shepherd Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF4770
From $7.20

Trust God Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF4834
From $3.85

Trust God Cross Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF1817
From $7.55

What Would Jesus Do Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF1814
From $3.80

What Would Jesus Do Fish Charm

Sterling Silver
SKU: CF1815
From $5.25

With God all things are possible

Matthew 19:26
Sterling Silver
SKU: CF5258
From $13.75