There’s really no question about whether or not the state (or the city) you live affects who you are. It does.

The climate, the food, the culture, the surrounding nature—all of it goes into who you are and, over time, creates an identity.

Charm Factory makes state charms because we know how important where you are from is to you.

Show your State Pride

Charm Factory wants you to be able to celebrate where you’re from—and not just your country, your state—to celebrate the place that helped make you who are.

We have a state charm for literally every state. That means we have a charm for you if you are from:

If you’re from Massachusetts, sorry, out of luck. Move along. No! Just kidding. We have a charm for you as well.

In fact, at Charm Factory, we have charms for literally all of the fifty states.

Florida, Charm Factory has two state charms for you.

Texas, we have six Texas state charms! You could make an entire bracelet up of only Texas charms.

Like a Good Neighbor, State Charms are There

All of our charms are .925 Sterling silver and beautifully made. Also, like all of Charm Factory’s charms, every Charm Factory state charm is perfect for a key ring, a zipper, a pendant or a bracelet.

We can also sell you a beautiful bracelet to put your charms on. We want you to be able to show your state pride, look good and be happy.

Express Yourself!
Order online with Charm Factory to create your unique charm bracelet.


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