Clothing & Accessories

Is fashion your passion? Show off your sartorial flair with exquisite sterling silver clothing charms by Charm Factory! Our clothing charms come in a variety of colors and may feature little crystals for some extra flair. Dresses, high heels and even T-shirts are among the 5,000+ charms we offer at Charm Factory. Our clothing charms include:

  • Purses & bags
  • Accessories
  • Beauty
  • Clothing
  • Shoes

The clothing charms at Charm Factory are made with .925 sterling silver. Our high-quality charms are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. and are free from lead, nickel and cadmium. When you order a fashion charm from us, you can expect a durable piece that stays shiny and brilliant for years to come.

How to Order Sterling Silver Charms

Ordering your sterling silver charm bracelet is simple. If you want to add a clothing charm to an existing bracelet, simply add the charm to your shopping cart and complete the ordering process. Each of our charms come with a jump ring, making attaching your charm to a bracelet simple.

If you want us to assemble an entirely new bracelet, why not try our build-a-bracelet page? There you’ll get to choose the size and style of your bracelet chain and add the charms you want in the order you want them to appear. Our team will assemble your bracelet for you and send it to your home, ready-to-wear!

Order Your Clothing Charms Today!

At Charm Factory, we process your order right away. In fact, most orders made before 7:30 AM MST are shipped on the same day! Shipping in the USA is FREE on orders over $25.

Express yourself! Get creative by making a unique charm bracelet at Charm Factory!