Music, Dance & Drama

If the Performing Arts are Your Life

We don’t like it when people call music, or dance, or drama hobbies. Anyone who loves to create music, or who loves dance, or who loves to act, knows that these things aren’t hobbies—these things are fundamental parts of a person’s identity. These things are who you are.

For this reason, Charm Factory makes a very popular line of dance, drama, and music charms, each one giving you, the performing artist, the chance to express your identity as a creator, to connect with likeminded others, and to (quite literally) shine and sparkle.

Every one of our dance, drama, and music charms are made of high-quality (.925) Sterling silver—made to last!

A Variety of Charms

We have music charms featuring musical notes, including:

  • a measure of music
  • a bass clef
  • all-silver charms
  • charms inlaid with black crystals
  • charms inlaid with red crystals
  • or charms inlaid with blue crystals

We have music charms that declare “I <3 music!” that depict musical instruments (whichever instrument you play) and that sing in silver the praises of marching bands.

We have beautiful charms for ballet and other forms of dance.

Charm Factory also has charms for actors and other theater people showing the famous twin masks of comedy and tragedy, one laughing, one grieving.

All of these charms are a way for you to assert your identity to the world and to celebrate what it is that you do and love. Get one for yourself, a friend, or for your daughter or son today.

Customize your bracelet and order your charms today!