Professions Charms for Professionals

What’s one of the first questions you ask someone when you meet them?

If you’re like most people, it may very well be, “So, what do you do?”—as in, So, what’s your profession?

Like it or not, for better or for worse, we are to some degree, what we do for a living.

That’s not all you are, of course, but it is a part of it. What you spend all day doing is inseparable from your identity. It’s a big part of who you are. Charm Factory recognizes this, and that’s why we make charms for various professions for just about everyone.

Charm Factory Charms are Charming

The charms at Charm Factory cover several professions including:

We want you to be proud of who you are and what you do, and we want you to be able to show that pride with a bracelet or necklace adorned with Charm Factory Sterling silver professions charms.

We want you to be able to wear your professional identity wherever you want to.

Our charms are .925 Sterling silver. All of these charms look great on a bracelet or necklace, or wherever you put them. They’re a wonderful way to show pride in your work and a wonderful way declare the professional part of your identity to the world.

Express Yourself!
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