School & Graduation

A Time worth Remembering

You only go to high school once in your life, so make it memorable. Make it a time of fun with friends, falling in love, falling out of love, being happy, making mistakes, taking some smart risks and growing.

Remember it with Charm Factory’s high school charms, remembering it will be easy. With our elegantly simple charms, you can remember when the world was still relatively new and the future was still relatively unknown. You can remember where you came from, what you experienced and who was in your life.

Each high school charm from Charm Factory is Sterling silver and features bold and distinct lettering.  

When you wear our high school charms, your sense of school and community will stay with you.

Wear your School with Pride

Put your high school charm on a bracelet, a key ring, or a necklace—and every time you see it, you’ll be taken back to that special era and place—to the people you loved and who helped shape you.

When you’re out in the world, fellow alumni might see it and strike up a conversation with you. It might even make you a new friend or two.

You can also wear our high school charms while you’re still in high school, to show school spirit and pride and to declare your identity.

You can also incorporate our high school charms into our Build a Bracelet packages, including it as a decoration in a bracelet you design yourself.

Whether you’re about to start high school, in high school, or have already moved on to college, Charm Factory’s high school charms make a wonderful accessory and a wonderful gift. Order one for your child, sweetheart, or self today. We’ve got one that’s perfect for you.

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