Sorority Sister Charm Bracelets

Personalized Silver and Silver Tone Jewelry

Celebrate the magic of sisterhood and share heartfelt memories with custom made charm bracelets from Charm Factory! Made with genuine.925 sterling silver or pewter, our online jewelry store has a huge selection of styles and charms so you can create the perfect gift for your sorority sister!

Big Sister/Little Sister Bracelets and Charms

Your big sister is your best friend! At Charm Factory, it’s easy to show your love for your big or little sis. With almost 5,000 charms to choose from, you can create any style of bracelet, including:

  • Traditional Charm Bracelet
  •  European-Style Charm Bracelet
  • Cuff Bracelets
  • Charm Necklaces
  • And More!

Our bracelets are available with toggles or clasps and can even include special engravings! Whether your big/little sister share a love for tennis, shopping, or gospel music, Charm Factory can help you build a bracelet that tells the story of your lifelong friendship.

Sorority Sister Bracelets with Greek Letters

Express your pride for Greek life with specially crafted charms from Charm Factory! Our online jewelry store has every letter in the Greek alphabet to create your sorority’s name. We are happy to do bulk orders, if you looking to purchase matching bracelets for everyone in the house!

Quality Service and Fast Processing

Charm World knows how badly you want to wear your new charm bracelet! As soon as you complete your order, we begin processing it. Your sorority sister charm bracelets require assembly. Please allow 2-3 days for processing of. Orders with charms only can be shipped the same day if they are received before 7:30AM MST!

Design and Order Sister Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are the perfect any time gift for your sorority sisters! Beautiful, heartfelt, and timelessly stylish, it is the perfect way to remember the most formative experiences of your life.

Browse online to get started on your sorority sister bracelets or contact us to learn more!

Share sisterly love and heartfelt memories with Charm Factory!
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