Jewelry Tags

Blank Jewelry Tags

Take your jewelry creations to another level by ordering blank jewelry tags from Charm Factory today! These engravable pieces are the perfect option on which to stamp your own design!

Jewelry Tag Options

The jewelry tags we offer are available in different shapes, including:

  • Ovals
  • Heart
  • Rectangle
  • Round/Circle

Each jewelry tag from Charm Factory is made of high-quality .925 sterling silver, copper, stainless steel or brass with 14K gold for the most durability. These jewelry tags are also free from lead, cadmium and nickel. And all materials used to create these durable tags are made right here in the United States. These  jewelry tags are built to last!

Order Jewelry Tags In Bulk and Save!

Ordering your jewelry tags in bulk can help you save money! Click on the each jewelry tag picture to see how much you can save by ordering in bulk!

 Looking to get your tags engraved for you?

We offer two different types of engraving. Laser engraved jewelry tags, and Custom engraved jewelry tags.

Laser Engraved Jewelry tags are going to be darkened engraving, as we are able to burn the tags to give the blackened look. The link for the laser engraving is found HERE.

Custom Engraved Jewelry Tags also known as Rotary Engraved Jewelry tags are the classic engraving and the engraving will be the same color as the tags. The link for the Custom Engraved Jewelry Tags can be found HERE.

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