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Sterling Silver Teepee Charm

Sterling Silver

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Product Description - Sterling Silver Teepee Charm

This adorable Sterling Silver Teepee Charm can be collected with our Feather Charms, Canoe Charms, and Tomahawk Charms for a complete Indian themed collection. The Sterling Silver Teepee Charm has a beautiful 3-D western design. The Sterling Silver Teepee Charm would make a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys the old west. Teepees or Tipis are the name of dwellings used by American Indians. The American Tepees were commonly made from animal skins and wooden poles. There was a flap at the top to allow smoke and air to escape from the teepee. The tepees allowed movability and also a solid shelter. Tepees were often decorated with drawings. The poles that were used were often made form lodge pole pine. The animal hides that were used was often buffalo hides for the teepee covering. The tepees were used mostly used by the plain Indians. The plain Indians followed the buffalo, as the buffalo were their main food source. To move the tepees around they were carried by horses when the tribe was on the move. Today’s tepees are made from cloth and wood. Tepees were often put in circles and this symbolized life. Tepees are no longer used for full-time homes but are still used for special occasions.

Made in the USA
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Width: 1/2″ or 12mm
Height: 5/6″ or 21mm
Gram Weight: 2.1
Includes a jump ring to attach the charm to your bracelet (not pictured)